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tv   News  ABC  July 19, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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lives. in the time emergency and no one wants to hear about a cheating scandal at a fire academy but that's what's going on. live pictures this morning in reisterstown. the road is closed but it's not for very much longer. it took a long time and six million bucks of the today baltimore county celebrated the opening of a bridge they say will make the commute easier. it's great to be number one. what johns hopkins has learned this morning. where it ranks as the nation's top hospital. we will have details on that coming up on this tuesday morning. good morning maryland, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. it's going to be another hot one you wanted to say good morning to somebody. >> yes. we played at a los golf turning and played with chad uniteas but i have to gave shout out to two fans of "good morning maryland" chef kevin and chef skip. the meal was great last night. and we appreciate you guys watching every morning. >> all right. thanks for watching. and justin, i imagine a hot day to play gol yesterday. >> they were out in the kitchen
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right now. the oven is open. please, close the door. look what you did. we are starting off at 77 in town and towards easton. 74 the cool spot in york, p.a. and back up to 79 in hagerstown with the heat index of 8 3. low 80s is what it feels like when you step outside. nothing pleasant about that. mixing in clouds and a cluster of storms that i mentioned could be a possibility during the morning hours. mostly back into the mountains but there's an extension of this little boundary that is throwing clouds our way and may tryinger's shower this morning. i think our best chance will be building this afternoon. stale front to the north that will act on 93. our two degree guarantee high with storms severe in the day. more on the heat numbers coming up. tonya with the latest on traffic now. >> reporter: good morning. outer loop is going to be slow through catonsville passing frederick road. you will see the drivers tapping the brakes. 795 in reisterstown. no issues to report here at could bys mil.
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-- mill. we are it can it can -- cockys mill, we are doing okay. york road we have an accident north of thornon mill in hunt valley. ritchie highway at peas dean -- pasadena road, an accident in the cleanup stages that should be gone shortly. back to you. >> thanks. it's been two years in the making but it has been built. we are talking about the cherry hill road bridge. sherrie johnson is live in rift irestown with more -- reisterstown with more on how it is supposed to help traffic. >> reporter: they have been waiting a long time for this bridge and they don't have much longer to wait. a little later this morning that's going to open up and you can see there's some transportation officials out here just walking the bridge. one last look making sure everything is okay. and later, baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz will be on hand for a ceremony to officially on the cherry hill road bridge. it connects owings mills boulevard and reisterstown road. the cherry hill road bridge is
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513 feet long and it has been under construction over two years. it will provide an important connection between two major arteries. it will also avoid cuts through traffic in several communities which has been a big problem. and some of the folks that i talked to this morning, they said they are excited about it. >> it's a great addition to the neighborhood. you know, i really appreciate it because what it does is alive it's traffic going through the neighborhood to get to owings mills boulevard or coming from over on owings mills on the other side of owings mills boulevard, now you have a direct shot to come straight down cherry hill road to take you to 795. >> reporter: so just to put it in perspective, we are not far from franklin high school here on cherry hill road. so you go over the bridge and i am told by some of the transportation officials that it will put you out on the other side about a mile north of maryland public television over there some of the strip mall and famous dave's and
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chick-fil-a and the volunteer fire department. but, again, a lot of folks this morning are very excited. reporting live in reisterstown, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you. 6:33. a couple daredevils in dallas found themselves in a pretty tight pickle with the bungee cables locked and they were left dangling 80 feet in the air for two hours. rescuers saved the couple and the woman's brother says his sister took her fiancee on the ride so he could concur his fear of heights. way to go. >> oops. an air traffic controller is accused of drunk on the job. this is denver, colorado. he was tested while working on july 5th and found to be double the limit allowed on the job. the faa says he is no longer work air traffic as the incident is now being investigated. a family member told a denver news station that the controller was told he could resign or enter a rehabilitation program and that now has him in rehab.
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he could return to work. and that story has a happy ending. a horse that fell through a window well and into a basement in colorado was rescued after hours of work. vet anyians sedateed the horse as crews removed the concrete in the basement to get the animal out. the horse was a little scraped up but otherwise okay. they don't exactly know how the horse ended up in the basement. >> glad he is okay. a hungry bear stopped by the governor's mansion in santa fe new mexico for food. sido -- video caught it passing up trash cans. the department of game and fish in new mexico says fires displayed a number of animals and bears -- displayed a number of animals -- displaced a numberof animals and bears have turned up searching for food. now amazon is working to help students and parents save cash. how the kindle is going to save you money and room in your
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now "good morning maryland." it's 20 minutes until 7. more imnews -- grim news on the job front. cisco is planning to lay off 6500 employees, about 9% of the work force. cisco says 2100 of the employees will take voluntary early retirement and the rest will be laid off. some workers will be transferred to another company as a result of their selling one of the businesses. can you have to take out a
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separate loan to pay for the college textbooks if you are student. but amazon wants you to save your money and also maybe save money on your chiropractor bill. is launching the kindle textbook rental letting students save up to 80% on textbooks by remitting they will. you pay for the time you need the book or you can buy the book at any time. that means no more back breaking bags to carry around campus. two months ago amazon announced kendall books have started outselling print. if you are looking for a job check out google that leads the list of 100 top nba employ -- mba employers. consultingful mckenzie came in at number 2. in the annual survey tech and engineering firms jumped in rankings and financial institutions dropped. apple was number 3. facebook came in 7th being competitively
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or intellectually challenged number one career goal for mba grads this year. last year's top priority was having work life balance. they are going to be at it again, we hope. onth players and owners and the nf -- the players and owners and the nfl are trying to work out and agreement. >> are they closer to a deal. john hopkins gets a pat on the back for being the best. and today a report card is out. how stewed antes cross the nation are -- students across the nation are doing in the classroom. how are we doing? 80 degrees in glen burnie with a heat index of 84. how high will it get? and the rest of the week? we will talk about the numbers next. tonya. >> reporter: slowing down on west side of the beltway and water main work. details when "good morning maryland" continues. ?ñxaxwñ
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let's check the weather because it's blisteringly hot. only going to get hotter justin. >> i have something new for you. first off, naval cade mi, -- academy. clouds strolling in there at 78 degrees. most of us stifling. we show you the 8 a in glen burnie. 75 in bel air -- 80 in glen burnie and 75 in bel air. westminster, while we were watching the storms and you may see this on wide screen in western maryland and crossing skyline drive near mount royal, check this out. we have just what flare-up and i've been saying i think there might be a trigger to do so. in the last 15 minutes tawnytown thunderstorm looks like it is rolling through westminster. you may get west on 140 and we will see if it scareies through howard and baltimore -- carries through howard and baltimore county. now traffic. >> reporter: it's slowing down on the outer loop near frederick. outer loop near wilkins avenue. it's a little improved here. so you are okay making your way
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from catonsville to arbutus. looking at our map, we have an accident in hunt valley. york road at broad meade drive, also we still have some water main work going on. baltimore national pike west downed in the left turn lane. when you need emergency medical care, you want the best emts to take care of you. but this morning, a cheating scandal has been uncovered at baltimore city's fire academy. linda so joins us with what the students are accused of doing. linda. >> reporter: well, 20 students are accused of getting their hands on a state exam before they took the test. the students were all in the same class. the exam was found at the training facility on northern parkway involving the practical segment. exam testing recruits on the ability to care for injured patients. how they got access to the he can am and who gave it to -- to the exam and who gave it to them is being investigated. anyone involved with training
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and testing that class will be investigated. meanwhile, the training center will be closed until the investigation is complete. the chief says he is disappointed a few can dang the -- damage the reputation of a entire department. >> some of the best emts and paramedics in the country, and this kind of casts a shadow on that. unfortunately, and reflects on all of us, all 1800 of us. >> reporter: the 20 recruits involved in the alleged cheating scandal are still in training. they are not acting as emts and will be retested with the different exam to make sure they meet state standards. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. 6:47. two men accused of making robo calls from discouraging voters from coming out will head to trial in september. paul sureic and julia pled not guilty to violate state laws. they told voters governor o'malley won the election and they didn't need to come out to
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the poles. they were believed to have been connected to former governor rob ehrlich. more police out in pasadena because of a rash of break-ins that happened over the weekend. undercover anne arundel police officers are patrolling the elizabeth landing community. crooks stole gps, money, ipads out of unlocked cars and they went inside a -- homes and took items. they believe someone is checking locks overnight. the murder trial of a 15- year-old baltimore girl is spec to kick off today. -- expected to kick off today. police say arteesha holt shot two men after they laughed at her because she was so young. one man died and holt was 14 at the time of the shooting. her lawyer requested the case be tried in juvenile court but a judge denied the request. 6:48. neighbors in locust point will
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ask questions about the ford avenue bridge reconstruction project. the department of transportation is holding a informational meeting. among the issues addressed, the construction schedule recommended detour routes and access for emergency services. that meeting will be held from 6:30 until 8:30 at baltimore metropolitan council offices at mchenry road if interested. a hearing in baltimore city today to talk about lowering property tax. carl stokes says he wants to cut the property tax rate by half over the next five years. he says that the high tax rates in the city keep people moving out and he wants to do something about it. several candidates for mayor are calling for a cut in city property taxes which is twice that in surrounding jurisdictionss. today governor o'malley will visit a summer jobs program. he will join baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. the youth works summer jobs program places young people between 14 and 21 in a variety
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of summer jobs. otis rolley will outline his plan to combat crime in baltimore city. he will hold a news conference this afternoon. he says his goal is to cut the city's crime rate by 20% in his first term. if you live in eldersburg your water service could be interrupt resulted. bureau of utilities will temporarily shut down water to 45 homes to install two new water main valves. it will be shut down starting at 8 this morning and then it will be off until around 2 in the afternoon or until the repairs are complete. areas includes the including homes of bolsom lane and part of poony ridge drive. if your water is cloudy they suggest turn the tap on and run it for several minutes until it clears up. have you been stuck in a traffic jam and had the guy behind you slam into your
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bumper, this technology might be something you are interested in. for crash avoidance can reduce low speed rear end collisions. it's called city safety. and the cars outfighted with it with less look -- outfitted with it are less likely to be involved with low speed crashes. if you get sick in maryland you are not too far from the best hospital in the country. for the 21st year in a row u.s. news and world report rated johns hopkins number one. it ranked in the top 10 in 15 of the 16 special categories and back in may, the magazine also listed johns hopkins children's center as one of the top ten hospitals in the country as well. when it's hot it mean it is dry and the sum somerset counties and worcester issued outdoor burning bans. it aflies outdoor burning except for gas and char col
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gills ocean city bonfires and public fireworks displays will be allow. in somerset all outdoor burning is banned except for gas and charcoal grills. 6:52. five things to know before heading out this morning. for the last time in the foreseeable future, a u.s. space shuttle undocks from the international space station. atlantis separated from the international space station early this morning about 250 miles above earth. the shuttle is expected home on thursday. we had wild weather this spring with the tornadoes in joplin and flooding in missouri. fema has been very busy. today, the deputy administrator testifies before a senate committee about that hearing on 2011 spring storms and picking up the pieces and building back stronger. nfl players and owners will meet in new york city today and tomorrow. hopefully the players agree a deal by wednesday so they can prevent a city owners for approval on thursday. meanwhile, today's league lay nouns a date time and matchups
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for a 2011-2012 that might not happen or at least not on the dates and times. today, convicted dog fighter michael vick continues rehabbing his image and is teaming up with the president of the humane society and they will announce support for the bill that will penalize criminals who finance and bring children to dog fights and also cock fights. the national assessment of educational progress release as report card today. this report examines the performance of students in grades 4, 8 and 12. this is the third time in nearly two decades the nation's students been assessed on knowledge in gee aing if i. 20 -- geography. it can be compared to the results in 2001 and 1994. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 6:53. notice the mugginess and we talked about the chance of morning storms that popped up in the last 15 minutes.
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tawnytown and just west of westminster. so this 140 trip will get wet and maybe clipping up towards hampstead and manchester. this may be riding along 70 and we will see how it develops as it bumps into the humidity and heat. ellicott city looking out in the next half-hour, eldersburg and finksburg will see this stuff reach you by 7:30 and we will watch it enter the northwest corner of the beltway. overall wide view highlighting the fact more pronounced storms towards the mountens but there's a hint of a boundary. the real frontal bondry up across central and northern pa -- p.a. will be the trigger mechanism. it's catalyst to give the lift to take some of the energy and heat and humidity and develop the storms. and our computer model indicates there's more around the chesapeake bay that may enhance the boundary during the course of the afternoon. we will look out for storms and
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an isolated one overnight and another cluster possible tomorrow afternoon and this is just one computer model, one possibility of what could happen during the course of tomorrow afternoon. but scattered storms will be around because of the heat and humidity. it will be a very unstable environment but it will be a very, very uncomfortable environment that is the fact we focus on. 93 today. slight risk of severe storms. check on the elderly and maybe some of your friends that don't have good working air conditioning and don't take your pets outside for any extended period of time. give them plenty of water and a place to stay cool because they wear a fur coat. tonight, scattered storms possible. it will be more muggy. back down to 74. check out extended forecast. pushing it up to 94 tomorrow and hotter at 97 on thursday. and approaching if not sur spaing 100 on friday -- surpassing 100 on friday and close to that on saturday and scaling back cooling to 90. we cool down to 90 next monday. >> reporter: i need a swimming pool i can't go outside.
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we have the outer loop slowing down reisterstown road to frederick road. there are pockets where you may speed up a little bit. one is at liberty road. let's he look at this point it's not as bad. this is one of the pockets where it speeds up a bit. our drive times are affected if you are traveling 83 southbound shawan to the beltway that's five minutes but 95 southbound out of white marsh will take about 8 minutes there. the outer loop 795 to 70, 10 minutes. bel air to providence that is about 9 minutes there. we have water main work baltimore national pike westbound at johnnycake road. that's water main work on in the left turn lane and something to note anne arundel county mullen lane is closed at old ridge path lane due to an earlier accident in both directions. >> be safe out there on the roads and thanks for joining us this morning. >> be safe in the heat and remember the news is always on at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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time to go to new york.
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